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Elevate Your Marketing Game, Transform Your Real Estate Ventures!

Unlock real estate marketing success at the School of Marketing. We empower realtors and business leaders with essential knowledge and skills for effective navigation of the dynamic marketing landscape. Our mission focuses on building trust, fostering enduring relationships, and surpassing business targets for sustained growth.

RMA School of Marketing Courses

RMA100 - Real Estate Fundamentals and Marketing Communication

Embark on a comprehensive journey to become a top-selling realtor or business leader. Gain insights into marketing, product knowledge, and industry dynamics. This course offers practical guidance with real-world case studies for effective execution.

RMA101 - Social Media Marketing & Advertisement For Real Estate

Master the social media landscape with a focus on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Learn content adaptation, real estate ad creation, and advanced targeting strategies for impactful campaigns.

RMA102 - Search Engine Optimization & Advertisement For Realtors And Real Estate Agencies

Equip yourself with essential SEO skills and effective advertisement strategies. Dive into keyword optimization, backlink building, Google AdWords, YouTube ads, and analytics for seamless integration into your marketing and sales activities.

What Can RMA Registrants Expect?

When you enroll at the School of Marketing, you embark on a journey of knowledge that will transform your approach to marketing. Here’s a glimpse of what our registrants can expect to learn about:

Online Client Behavior

Online Market Entry Point

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

Display Advertisement

Branding For Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Listing Platforms

Conversion in Online Marketing

Real Estate Products and Industry

Marketing Tools and Strategies



The School of Marketing seeks to refine the understanding of realtor, real estate entrepreneurs and business leaders on the concepts of marketing that builds trust, establishes relationships and see that targets are met and exceeded for continuous business growth.

Why Choose the School of Marketing?

Realtors face challenges in a dynamic market due to difficulty adapting to evolving client needs. The School of Marketing offers a unique approach by prioritizing personalized experiences, going beyond generic awareness. We focus on building trust, establishing relationships, and generating genuine interest in your offerings.

Choose us for a transformative marketing education.

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