School of Sales

Unlock the True Path to Sales Success, Transforming Leads into Paying Clients

Discover the School of Sales and revolutionize your approach to real estate transactions. Gain invaluable insights into converting leads to paying clients and mastering the art of successful sales.

RMA School of Sales Courses

RMA200 - Sales and Closing of Deals

Embark on a specialized journey in sales planning and management within the real estate domain. This course offers both conceptual and practical guidance to elevate your sales capabilities. Dive into the intricacies of lead nurturing, conversion, pricing, offer creation, and customer lifecycle, aligning them with your brand strategy.

What Can RMA Registrants Expect?

Enrolling in the School of Sales you can expect to learn:

Sales process & psychology

Sales Strategy Development

Value-addition and relationship building

Pricing, negotiation and closing skills

Pitching and writing skills

Database management



The School of Marketing seeks to refine the understanding of realtor, real estate entrepreneurs and business leaders on the concepts of marketing that builds trust, establishes relationships and see that targets are met and exceeded for continuous business growth.

Why Choose the School of Sales?

At the School of Sales, we debunk the misconception that marketing directly equals sales. Instead, we focus on the true driver of sales—nurtured leads. Our courses provide hands-on, strategic insights for both budding and professional realtors, empowering them to convert leads into paying customers and enhance the value and volume of transactions through irresistible offer creation.

Choose the School of Sales for a transformative journey to sales success.

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