We offer a robust curriculum which covers the intricacies of marketing, branding, strategy development and sales.

Our Schools

Our school is designed to cover the intricacies of marketing, personal and corporate branding and closing of deals as seen in our schools.


School of Marketing

The School of Marketing seeks to refine the understanding of realtor, real estate entrepreneurs and business leaders on the concepts of marketing that builds trust, establishes relationships and see that targets are met and exceeded for continuous business growth

School of Sales

The School of Sales is out to help realtors and business leaders develop the necessary skills needed to convert leads to paying clients.

School of Strategy

The School of Strategy in the Realtors Marketing Academy has programmes in Start-up Strategy Development and Business Growth Strategy Development, focusing on creating strategies that are internally and externally consistent and aligned for optimal performance

School of Branding

The RMA School of Branding offers courses in the areas of Personal Branding and Corporate Branding, equipping individual realtors and real estate agency owners with the knowledge to build world class brands

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