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Unlocking the secrets of success in the real estate industry by helping realtors understand their market and clients.

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Thrive & Build Sustainable Real Estate Brands

The Realtors Marketing Academy is an institution established to transform budding and struggling realtors, business leaders and other real estate professionals into top selling realtors and real estate brands in the real estate industry.

Geared towards providing a concrete foundation and competitive edge, our training is targeted at realtors, business leaders and other real estate professionals who are eager to step up in their capabilities and become the best in the industry.

Sell Real Estate
the Right Way

From industry analysis, the best products do not always win, instead it is the products that are best marketed that thrive and sell-out. It is therefore pertinent that realtors, business leaders and other real estate professionals hone their branding, strategy, marketing and sales skills in order to thrive and build sustainable brands in the industry.

Realtors, business leaders and other real estate professionals struggle because they lack the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the real estate industry.


Been the first of our kind in Nigeria, our curriculum is robust and covers the intricacies of marketing, personal and corporate branding, strategy development, sales and closing of deals as seen in our schools.

School of Marketing

The School of Marketing seeks to refine the understanding of realtor, real estate entrepreneurs and business leaders on the concepts of marketing that builds trust, establishes relationships and see that targets are met and exceeded for continuous business growth.

School of Strategy

The School of Strategy in the Realtors Marketing Academy has programmes in Start-up Strategy Development and Business Growth Strategy Development, focusing on creating strategies that are internally and externally consistent and aligned for optimal performance.

School of Branding

The RMA School of Branding offers courses in the areas of Personal Branding and Corporate Branding, equipping individual realtors and real estate agency owners with the knowledge to build world class brands.

School of Sales

The School of Sales is out to help realtors and business leaders develop the necessary skills needed to convert leads to paying clients.

The Realtors Marketing Academy has unlocked the secrets of success in the real estate industry and has designed its curriculum to produce visible improvement in the careers of realtors and other real estate practitioners.

At RMA, we address the core challenges of realtors helping them to understand their market, clients and how to effectively position their product offerings for maximum result.

Get the Needed Upgrade to Become Best in the Real Estate Industry

At RMA, our courses are largely practical and extremely detailed. To aid the learning of our registrants, our curriculum is designed for flexibility and fast learning.

Our faculties are vastly learned and experienced in the practicality of establishing thriving brands and also in the real estate industry.

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Our main objective at RMA, is to produce seasoned and professional realtors, business leaders and other real estate professionals who will provide exceptional services to clients and become top sellers, business leaders and brand owners in the real estate industry.

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We are not new to the industry, we have been here and we have shaped top selling realtors through our trainings, and marketing services.

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